Mistress Mischief Cosplay

I’ve got a pretty sweet preview right here of upcoming photos from a photoshoot at SDCC with my horrible brothers dear friends Loki Hates You and ThorTV. Stay tuned for more Asgardian goodness when the full set is posted.

Thor - ThorTV

Loki - Loki Hates You

Lady Loki - Mistress Mischief

Photography - Chuck Cook Photography

About two weeks ago, I had a photoshoot in one of my simpler, more comfortable costumes, Lady Magneto. Which, if you want, can also be called Erika Lehnsherr. Albeit this costume did not take me long, I love wearing it, and people seemed to like it, as well.

Costume made by me.

Photos thanks to Jonathan H.

I promised some favorites in Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from SDCC, and here they are! Featuring Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick.

This costume was so much fun to wear! And it gave my head a break from three days in a row of that Loki headpiece.

More photos will be posted as I get around to them. Stay tuned!


SDCC was last week, and let me tell you, it was awesome! I finally was able to debut my favorite costume I have ever made, my newest reboot of Lady Loki. She’s my pride and joy.

Here’s some shots I have collected from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the con from various photographers. One including my absolutely wonderful friend Bill, known to most of the Internet as a Mr. ‘Loki Hates You’. I love each and every one of these shots!

I’ll be posting another photoset of photos I have found of me in my Dr. Mrs. The Monarch costume that I wore Preview Night and Sunday at SDCC. Keep your eyes peeled!


"Monarch, are you arching Dr. Venture in there?!"

Mistress Mischief Cosplay (My Facebook Page!)

I have a Facebook page for my costumes, and I’m trying my hardest to get it out and about. You all should go check it out and share it around! I’ll give you sweets and treats as a reward for your loyalty. ;w;

I also have gotten a bit more progress done on Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. I’m liking my progress! 

Also, only one boot is finished, and that’s why I’m only wearing one. I know how shoes work, I swear.

Wow! It’s been forever since I’ve been around. Not to fear, darlings. I am still alive! Anyhow, we have a new costume up and running alongside my Lady Loki for SDCC 2014. And you guessed it, it’s Bucky Barnes as The Winter Soldier! However, what I like to call ‘Becky’ Barnes. I wanted to put a feminine twist on our favorite super soldier!


It snowed a lot this week. I took advantage of it and got a photoshoot in my nearly-finished Lady Loki costume. These are some of my favorites

I froze my ass off.

Also, you can see more pictures and such at: http://facebook.com/mistressmischiefcosplay

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated.

I do live! And look! Pictures!

So my new horns arrived. Hand crafted by Morgan Crone. Check this lady out and give her a shout, she’s crazy awesome.

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