Cosplays by Carla


It snowed a lot this week. I took advantage of it and got a photoshoot in my nearly-finished Lady Loki costume. These are some of my favorites

I froze my ass off.

Also, you can see more pictures and such at:

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated.

I do live! And look! Pictures!

So my new horns arrived. Hand crafted by Morgan Crone. Check this lady out and give her a shout, she’s crazy awesome.

Cosplays by Carla (Please help out!!)

I made a little bit of a layout change! Instead of being strictly Lady Loki on my facebook page, I am incorporating my other costumes as well. I am really trying to get the word out, so if you all could like/share/just check me out, that would be so helpful and lovely and wonderful!! <3

I’ve seen you all do some wonderful things, but if you all could help me as well, I would love you all forever (as if I already don’t!). You all are wonderful, thank you!

Fahrlight has found my costumes.

Oh god I am so sorry for your eyes, sweetie.

The finished Lady Loki costume, without the new horns. Hopefully those will be in by the end of the week! I am actually proud of this costume, and I cannot wait to add the final, finishing touch of my horns from Morgan Crone.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch wig is cut and finished, as is the cute little crown! With a little bit of fabric glue and bobby pins, the crown is discreetly secured to my wig.

This particular costume is almost done, and I am so excited to take it for a costume run and show you all the results! 

I look tired after a day of trotting around and meeting Tom Hiddleston.

Post-con depression starts setting in whilst finding photos of me.

My personal favorite shot from SDCC 2013.

Taken by DTJAAAAM.

Wow! Makeup tests for the new-and-improved Lady Loki.

I’m considering a more matte finish on the black lipstick. Updates on the outfit shall arrive soon. Stay posted.

WOW! So! I have been crazy busy as of late, but I have managed to get a little bit of progress done! I coated on the main layer of paint on my Dr. Mrs. The Monarch crown, as well as the Monarch design around the breast area. I am in the midst of spray-painting the sole of the boots yellow, and after that I will be sewing the yellow neckline on.

Then it’s just a matter of sewing on the wings, and debuting for Halloween! Excitement is in the air!

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